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    All about Monterrey, Mexico

    The latest stint of my consulting career was Mexico, and I normally travel to Industry-heavy, not-so-popular destinations. Influenced by movies and books, I had a very distinct picture of Mexico – Big mustached men wearing cowboy hats, sipping tequila lazily under big broad trees on a country side. Alright, I am being a little dramatic but honestly, I didnt expect Monterrey to be such an advanced place! Monterrey, being the northernmost metropolitan city in Mexico, the 3rd largest city, nation’s 2nd largest industrial center and the closest to the US border, it resembles any mid sized city in the US! The striking characteristic of Monterrey are its friendly people. People go to…

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    Loos reflect culture

    I was watching a TED video about “lets talk crap” and it spun me off tangentially into thinking about my experiences of loos across the globe. I have been a solo traveler from a young age and I first started traveling to Hyderabad in overnight trains and buses. Much to the nuances that come with a solo woman traveling in India, one of the biggest has been using the loos or so-called loos in dark scary random places on long overnight journeys. But more about those amusing stories for another time. As a solo traveler, you tend to get more watchful, you are more observent and you pay extra attention…

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    Hola Mexico!

    We were 30,000 ft above land and I woke up when the pilot announced that we were starting to descend to Monterrey. V had looked up the place on google and had told me that it is a very pretty place. So I was excited to see the nature around. It was surrounded by mountain ranges and there were a lot of harvested fields on the outskirts of Monterrey. It resembled rural India in many ways. I could see cows and sheep grazing in the grasslands, unplanned twisted curvy roads drew the borders around cluster of houses and I could also see some tall buildings that edged one of the mountains and…

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    Desh to Videsh

    My journey from Bangalore to Texas was remarkable in more ways than one this time. Although I sat on an excruciatingly painful long flight next to an irritating old lady who occupied half of my already tiny economy seat, the journey still didn’t seem too long as my mind was racing through all the wonderful thoughts of what would happen in the course of next 24 hours. I was reuniting with my husband after months of long distance, I was excited to see our first nest we have started to build together, our first car, our first time living abroad.. Yes, My whole new chapter of firsts has just begun and it feels like…

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    Cycling in My Town

    Some of the high points of my hitherto life remains the trips to Mysore. Ever since we moved to Bangalore, the thought of a trip to Mysore by far means holidays, meeting grandparents, cousins and relatives, eating amazing food, and having fun. A trip to Mysore has never been a planned one. If I want a change from routine, I just throw in the essentials and travel to Mysore! But this time around, there was an agenda. I wanted to show off my town to V, and there couldnt be a better way to travel in Mysore than on our cycles. So we packed the cycles neat on our car rack…

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    Cross Country Cycling on Independence Day

    Olympics 2012 just got over and it was a day off for Independence day in India. While little school children were busy getting ready for the flag hoist early in the morning, we decided to celebrate our independence by doing a long distance cross country cycling. Moreover, I guess V and I were pumped up by the Olympic cycling events we watched in awe and wanted to do something new this time.

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    My First Trek in the Himalayas

    A thought of a trek in the Himalayas was always lingering in my mind ever since V and I got back from our honeymoon in Leh. We had seen the majestic lands and landscapes of a rugged terrain, now it was time to explore the greener part of the Himalayas. And so we contacted some of our friends and put together a nice fun bunch for the trek. We booked a 7 day trek to the Pindari Glacier organized by a Govt body called KMVN since none of us were familiar with the Kumaon area for a self supported trek. The whole process of getting people together, the pre-trek shopping and…

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    Ruckus teaches a lesson

    Today has been one of those days when anger took over the best of me no matter how hard I tried to suppress it and it worked out just well at the end. So the story was I had to get my Dubai visa extended for a month and I had to visit the visa processing agency. I had already made a visit late last week and they bluntly handed over a checklist to me and asked me to get all the missing documents even before checking through the list of documents I currently had despite of me asking them multiple times. So there was this 1 additional document I…

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    Backpack to Thailand

    As opposed to our local trips that are mostly unplanned, our big trip of 2011 – The trip to Thailand took a lot of research and planning to make it happen. We still wanted to keep a surprise element, so the only bookings we made were the airline tickets and the hotel reservations so as too bag so great deals as opposed to a package tour.

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    The Highlights of 2011

    The year 2011 has been one fun ride! The year has been wonderful in terms of travel, work, the activities V and I did and life in general. It started with a new job in a new company and my short visit to the US. Got to participate in a varied sports activities like running and cycling events, tried skiing, long distance cycling, mountain biking, swimming, skating, snorkeling and kayaking.