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    The First Family Biking Experience

    Way back in 2008 I had gone on a vacation to Germany with friends and one of the places we visited was the black forest area. Black Forest is like the opening scene from the ‘Sound of Music’ where you will see lush green mountains rolling one after the other. It was a Sunday afternoon and we were sitting on the grass, just soaking it all in when I saw a family of 5 – A dad, mom, one boy and 2 little girls rolling down one of the hills on their bikes! It was one of the prettiest sights I had ever noticed. The pretty wooden picnic baskets, the 2 little pink bikes, the large hat the mom was wearing, the nice…

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    Swimming at Deep Eddy

    How could we stay in Austin for so long and not venture into swimming especially during the sunny summer months! And so we discovered this beautiful man-made swimming pool called Deep Eddy right next to downtown. What makes deep eddy special is that the pool is fed with clear, cold water from the Colorado river. It is non chlorinated and feels absolutely refreshing to swim in the natural, yet safe environment. There is a continuous inlet and outlets of water and hence acts as filtration. Each lane is 30 meter long with varying depths. The pool in itself looks like a huge tank that stores water in cemented walls, so it brings out the…

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    Cycling in My Town

    Some of the high points of my hitherto life remains the trips to Mysore. Ever since we moved to Bangalore, the thought of a trip to Mysore by far means holidays, meeting grandparents, cousins and relatives, eating amazing food, and having fun. A trip to Mysore has never been a planned one. If I want a change from routine, I just throw in the essentials and travel to Mysore! But this time around, there was an agenda. I wanted to show off my town to V, and there couldnt be a better way to travel in Mysore than on our cycles. So we packed the cycles neat on our car rack…

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    Cross Country Cycling on Independence Day

    Olympics 2012 just got over and it was a day off for Independence day in India. While little school children were busy getting ready for the flag hoist early in the morning, we decided to celebrate our independence by doing a long distance cross country cycling. Moreover, I guess V and I were pumped up by the Olympic cycling events we watched in awe and wanted to do something new this time.

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    It is Swim Time!

    Summers have mostly been about swimming right from my childhood. I learnt swimming during one of the summer vacations and I loved it so much that it became tradition every subsequent summer until I got to college. When V and I discovered recently that there is a pool opened for public just a stone throw away from home, we were overjoyed. It has been close to a month since we started swimming and each evening we have been like 2 little kids high on sugar ready to jump into the pool.

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    I ran my first 10K!

    I am moved… and so did the miles on my activity calendar 😀 For a brief while now, I have been running 3, 4, at the max 5 miles. I was eager to touch the 10K mark soon. So I was determined to run my first 10K on this beautiful bright sunny saturday morning. V and I have been doing a lot of running on the roads and in various parks in the city lately. But I was keen on running this one in lalbagh for many reasons. I first started running with V in lalbagh when we met initially. Those were some special moments and so was today’s run..…

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    Pushing the limits

    Today was a test of endurance. Ever since V did his spectacular cross country touring in Coorg and filled me in with umpteen stories about his experiences from the trip, I have been engulfed to get into long distance cycling. Not only is it an amazing getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, the experience of camping in the middle of nowhere and the sense of accomplishment after having covered a long distance on the cycle is out of the world. And so today was my first training for long distance cycling. On an average, 60 – 80 kms or more is covered each day and I have…

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    Run Forest Run!

    Well, I am no Forest Gump, but I have been on a Running spree lately. I have been inspired bigtime by NKRunnergirl and her blog posts. V helped me get started with running almost 2 years ago but we have digressed from running and have gotten more into cycling for quite a while now. Although I have been running for a while, I have not been able to cross my 8 mile threshold. Although my mind wants to do more, my body starts to give up and my thighs start to feel like big logs of wood. Learnt recently that setting a target is very helpful in pushing the body…

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    Sunday ride

    Today was my longest ride on the cycle so far. Had always heard from Vikram how beautiful long bike rides are, but had never really made an attempt fearing my stamina. This morning, we just head out early in the morning on our respective cycles. We decided to complete the route we had left unfinished a while ago – Padmanabhanagar towards Kanakapura to Bannerghatta and back. Needless to say, the experience was mindblowing! Half the route was along the country side and we  edged the Bannerghatta national park. The serenity of the place was definitely worth my early morning sleep! 😀 Here is the snapshot of the route from my…

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    Cyclothon 2009

    Where: NICE Corridor, Bangalore When: 11th October 2009 How Many: 7K+ participants! It was heartening to see thousands of cycling enthusiasts in Bangalore at India’s fist Cyclothon! The sheer number and the diversity of the participants that spanned between Ages 8 – 80 years, along with families and friends who had come to cheer their loved ones set the excitement of the massive event. Raghu Dixit and his crew rock started the event with  ‘Mysore se aayi woh’ – Pumped me up further as I am a native Mysorean 😀 My husband and I had a nice time swaying to his tunes before we set off on our respective rides.…