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    The Art of Quilling

    Not too long ago, I was inspired by a piece of art made by my friend Rashmi, and thus was introduced to the world of quilling. The paper art really intrigued me and I decided to give it a try. In a nutshell, quilling is all about rolling strips of paper, moulding them into creative shapes and gluing them together to create a unique piece of art. Here is my first quilling project, and here are the steps to achieve it. Materials you need – – A quilling needle or a forked needle – strips of paper of required width (3mm, 5mm, 8mm) etc depending on what your art requires.…

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    A Portrait, A Sketch

    It is wonderful how people have their own creative ways of exhibiting their artistic skills. A good friend of mine gave me a sketch of my portrait this morning and I was completely flabbergasted. I kept glaring at the sketch wide eyed before realization dawned on me to thank the artist 🙂

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    Happy Independence Day

    Just as Anna Hazare is the star on all new channels, he is also setting in a new mood of anti corruption for the Indian Independence Day. While this is the time of the year when people get extremely patriotic as songs from Upkar till Swades fill the air, a dear friend of mine and I decided to do something special on the eve of the Independence Day 🙂 We made candles!! 😀 S has been very enthusiastic about candle making and has all the necessary tools. The most exciting thing about candle making is you get to experiment a lot with different colors, engineering techniques and art 🙂 And…

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    Lord Ganesha

    Art : Glass Painting I picked up a square glass with a dimension of 10X10 and drew a black outline of the intended figure and kept for drying for a day or two. The following day, I filled the drawing with colors!