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At 2 years, Little R is a feast to talk to. Here are a few snippets from the last couple of days.

Last night Little R was terribly hyper. Though she kept yawning, her eyes had become tiny and it was past her bedtime, she had no inclination to go to bed. So I offered to read a few stories to her.

Me: Little R, I will read cluck a doodle moo if you get into your sleepwear.

Little R: Sari (OK in kannada) and lifts her hand, allowing me to get her into the sleepwear.

Me: Good girl!

Little R: I am a good girl right? So amma has to read 2 stories to Little R.

Me: Thinking that this girl is really good with negotiations, I agreed to read 2 stories to her and said “As you wish Putta”.

Little R: Amma, go get the other book.

Me: I will go after reading this book.

Little R: No get the other book.

So I run downstairs to get her another library book and by the time I got to the room, Little R was bouncing on the bed. As soon as she saw me, she said “Amma, I want jiji (water)” and pointed to her almost empty sippy cup.

Me: I will get water after reading the books.

Little R: No, I want water. And drinks the last few ounces left in the sippy cup.

Me: Assuming that she was really thirsty, I went to get her more water.

And ofcourse, by the time I got back she was back bouncing on the bed. She looked at me through the corner of her eye and burst out laughing and continued to bounce.


Little R and I were having our regular feeding time negotiations.

Me: Little R, if you eat your dal-rice, Amma will be very happy. And I made a happy face. If you eat fishy (her favorite snack) now, Amma will be sad. And I made a sad face.

Little R: Eats a fishy anyway and says “Amma, now little R is happy” and makes a happy face. She comes to me, takes a bite of the dal-rice and says “Amma, now Little R is sad” and makes a sad face!


Little R and I were snacking together.

Little R: Amma, take a big bite (emphasizing on the big and widening her arms to show how big a piece I must bite into)

Me: “Ok” and took a big bite of the cracker. Now Little R, can you take a big bite?

Little R: “See Amma” and takes 1 piece of shredded cheese and eats it. “Now Amma, one more big bite”

Me: Sighed and took another bite.

Little R: “Good Job Amma”!! And pats on my cheek encouraging me to eat well 😀


I come dressed in a top and a skirt.

Little R: “Amma, go change”

Me: Into what Little R? Don’t you like my dress?

Little R: “Amma wear pant and shirt”

Me: No, I wont. I like this dress.

Little R: I am wearing pant and shirt, Amma wearing pant and shirt. (She meant to say that she was wearing pant and shirt so I had to wear pant and shirt as well)

Me: Can I change you into a pretty pretty dress?

Little R: No, I like pant and shirt. Amma wear pant and shirt.

And pushes me into the room. I slipped into a pair of jeans and went to Little R for approval.

Little R: Scans me over and says Amma, not this shirt. Wear “this” shirt and hands me over a shirt that was put aside for a wash.

Me: No Little R, that shirt needs a wash. I will wear the shirt I am wearing.

Little R: “Go wash this shirt” and hands me over the shirt!

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