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Bega Bega Bega

Which translates to hurry up, hurry up, hurry up. That’s all I hear myself saying these days. Since I started my new job (yep, started a couple of weeks ago.. Great company, awesome people and we will get to that some other time) I also have a longer commute and an early start to the day. As a result, the tiny tot has a shift in her schedule too and is now an early to bed and early to rise kinda person.

Given that she has preferences about the way certain things need to be done, it just takes so much longer to get the basic day to day activities done. We also necessarily have to fit in bedtime stories, playtime at the park given that spring has set in, atleast one activity a day – drawing/painting/craft, the tidy up routine etc.. you get the drill.

So I have turned into a robot that’s stuck babbling quick, quick, quick and keep urging her to finish so that we can fit everything that’s planned for the day. While we have a ton of fun playing, doing groceries and activities together (we don’t miss out on having fun), we still have a schedule to follow.

All of a sudden I remembered my mom repeating the exact same words as I was growing up and how annoyed I would get to have been interrupted or hurried through my long dreamy eyed mornings. This was when I was in school, for heavens sake!

That’s when realization dawned on me that life is a funny vicious cycle. But my little one is just too little to be hurried so much. So, I have decided to just let go of a few unimportant chores and let the little dreamer explore her wonderland.

Ah! I feel less stressful already 😀

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