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Happy Birthday Little R!

Yep, thats right! Little R just turned two. Every time I step into January, the first thought that comes to mind is how fast time is flying, how soon my little burrito is growing up and how excited I was this time, 2 years ago waiting to meet my little girl. I think ours is going to be a household where Little R gets to listen to her birth story every year on her birthday.

I cant bring myself to verbally describe how incredible the past 2 years have been with Little R and how an incredible little girl she is turning into. So here are 2 Q&As for you to read on..

About Little R:  (I will speak for her, for now ofcourse)

2 Favorite Phrases?

  1. Its Mine
  2. Its Weekend


2 favorite Songs?

  1. Old Mc Donald had a farm
  2. Lakdi ki kathi


2 Favorite songs Little R likes to sing?

  1. Lakdi ki kathi
  2. Jhan Jhana jhana, jebu tumbha haNa (kannada song)


2 Favorite cartoon characters?

  1. Masha &
  2. The Bear


2 Favorite books?

  1. Oh Daddy!
  2. Goodnight Gorilla


2 Favorite activities?

  1. Play Dough (She refers to it as Pachaaak)
  2. Painting (brush and fingerpainting)


2 bedtime habits?

  1. Wraps herself in her favorite bue (blue) bedsheet (blanket)
  2. Asks for made up ‘tathe’ (kathe – story) about people in her life and asks for jiji (water) when she notices her mom falling asleep while narrating the story! 😀


2 Favorite games?

  1. Hide and Seek
  2. Building her lego farm


2 Funny characteristics?

  1. Loves making different expressions! Happy face, Sad face, Angry face, Excited face, etc
  2. Turns round and round and falls down when she feels lightheaded


2 Favorite chores?

  1. Helping in clearing/loading the dishwasher
  2. Making a uuuuuuuuu sound and vacuuming the house along with us


2 Baby habits?

  1. Still loves sucking her big toe
  2. Crawls around, finds it funny and laughs out loud


2 Big girl traits?

  1. Naane! (She wants to do EVERYTHING by herself)
  2. No more high chair and sippy cups please!


I wish for you to live the rest of your life with the same kind of joy, zeal and fullness that you have lived these past two years.


Stay healthy and stay blessed.


We Love You,

Appa & Amma

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