Activities with my kid

Pretend Plays

Little R is a huge fan of pretend plays these days. She loves shopping at Target since she has access to the hundreds of toys nicely placed on the aisles, welcoming her to grab whichever interests her. And she loves the whole billing process in particular.

So I made her a DIY shopping cart and I place all the veggies and fruits in the house on the table, couch etc, to represent multiple aisles. Now the whole living room becomes her shopping arena and she goes around, pushing the shopping cart and filling it with the veggies that she wants to buy. I have also given her one of my old credit cards that she is very kicked about.

Now I am the cashier, and she comes to me after her shopping to get billing done. This is how the whole conversation goes:..

Little R: Hi
Me: Pretending to be busy, I say “Hello lady, how are you doing today”

Little R: Am doing dood (good)
Me: What do we have here today
Little R: Fetches each veggie from the cart, tells the name aloud and puts it on the checkout counter (our side table)
Me: “very good choice of veggies”, I “beep”(it has to beep mind you) each veggie and put it in a small bag.
Little R: Gives me a big smile and hands out the credit card
Me: I tell her the final amount and ask her to sign
Little R: Signs, takes the bag from me and says “Thank You”. She turns around and says “Am taking home”

***This repeats a gazillion times before I get the permission to switch to another game****

Oh! How much I enjoy playing with her! I absolutely love her world 🙂

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