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The First Family Biking Experience

Way back in 2008 I had gone on a vacation to Germany with friends and one of the places we visited was the black forest area. Black Forest is like the opening scene from the ‘Sound of Music’ where you will see lush green mountains rolling one after the other. It was a Sunday afternoon and we were sitting on the grass, just soaking it all in when I saw a family of 5 – A dad, mom, one boy and 2 little girls rolling down one of the hills on their bikes! It was one of the prettiest sights I had ever noticed. The pretty wooden picnic baskets, the 2 little pink bikes, the large hat the mom was wearing, the nice little race the dad and the kids were having was just perfect! I was so taken in with the concept of the whole family biking together that I secretly wished one day I was going to be doing this with my family. And I was much thrilled to say the least when I first learnt that V was big on biking (during our dating times). It was as if the pieces of the jigsaw were all coming together.

V and I used to bike a lot back in India and have done some crazy long distance trips on our mountain bikes. After coming to the US, I bought my road bike a little after the little one was born and thus rekindled our weekend bike
rides. But this time it wasnt the same. Although V and I would head out for an hour or 2 on a ride, all we would end up talking was about the little one. We would wish for her to grow up just a little bit so that we could get her along as well.

As soon as spring bloomed in California, V excitedly bought the baby trailer and for the super active toddler that she is, we prayed hard that she like the new trailer. V assembled the trailer as soon as it arrived and took the little one on a spin. And voila! She LOVED it!!! Not a squeak, or a frown. She just sat there and watched the landscape change.
She particularly enjoyed watching people walk their dogs, to which she would respond with a ‘woof’ ‘woof’. V and I sighed in relief and planned our first long distance with the little one!

V’s sister, T came up with a nice trail for us to explore and we packed some goodies for the trip and set out to enjoy the spring in its full bloom. The little one was more than excited to hop onto her trailer. V had prettied the place up with a bunch of toys to keep her company just in case she got bored. We gave her a break, and let her enjoy the grass at around half way into our ride. She even napped during the second half of the ride!

And so, we did our first long ride with the little one and covered a distance of 23 miles in 3.5 hours! 😀

This summer is going to be awesome, as I anticipate many more rides on the horizon!

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