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No No No No No

Up until 2 weeks ago, The little One (TLO) didnt know how to say No. She only knew YES and the forward headshake. (which we loved) Even the No’s were Yes in her language.

The little one picked up her first ‘No’ phrase from her grandmom. She would pluk out my mom’s spectacles at the slightest of chance she got. To which my mom would respond with ‘No No No No No’. And TLO dutifully picked it up. When she was still trying to master the ‘No’ phrase, she would go to my mom and tease my mom or crawl towards restricted areas to which my mom would run behind her saying ‘No Putta’.

Now TLO’s No is also accompanied with her index finger sticking out and wagging her hand back and forth vigorosly. It is mighty cute!! And the ‘No’ she utters is so sweet that I sometimes just keep asking her to say ‘No’ before I attack her with all my love 🙂

Then came the tough part! and I was least expecting it.. Since she imitates everything I do or say, she does all the mischief she is set out to do and turns around, looks at me and says ‘No No No No No’.

Here are some snippets:

1. I am eating my breakfast and TLO is next to me on the floor, playing with her toys. She fetches her sippy cup, takes a big gulp of water and looks at me with a big smile as if telling me – See Ma, I am such an obidient kid! I relax (admiring the way she holds the cup in both her hands and sips water on her own) and the next second, she inverts the sippy cup and spills water all over the wooden floor. Even before I get up to snatch the sippy cup from her hands, she waives ‘No No No No No’ at me and takes a piece of cloth that was lying on the table and wipes it off! I couldnt resist the cuteness and I plant a bunch of kisses on her.. and that day onwards, this was considered an accepted game… and happiness written all over her face each time she plays with water. It is so worth it, that I just let her be.

2. I am trying my best to put TLO down for a nap. I have tried all the songs I know, darkened the room, read her a bunch of stories, pretended to sleep myself and nothing works. She happily continues to play in her crib and as soon as I say ‘Aye Puttaaaa’, she flings towards her favorite blankie, looks at me, “wags her finger” and says No No No No No and lies down to sleep and covers her head with the blankie.

Me: Overflowing love, I jump on her and hug her playfully 🙂

3. TLO has a few prohibitted areas at home, like the stairway and she is well aware of it.

TLO: Taking unsteady steps towards the stairway
Me: Putta beda ma, metlu No. (No stairs)
TLO: Turns towards me, points at the stairs and says No No No, wagging her finger
Me: Correct! You understand everything dont you.. so proud of you baby!
TLO: A huge grin on her face, starts walking towards the kitchen (which is right opposite to the staircase)
Me: Jaana mari (Good girl) and I look away to talk to my mom
TLO: Changes course quickly, gets on a step and starts laughing!
Me: I run towards her to see her wagging her finger at me and saying ‘No No No No No’

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