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Back to Work

Yes, Thats right. After 16 most beautiful months of being together with the little one 24 by 7, I have now returned to the corporate world. And it is easily the toughest decisions I have made in my life..

As I drag myself to work each day, I have this unsettling thought of where did those magical months go? How did time fly by so fast? Why am I not as excited as I used to be about working in a multicultural corporate?

Probably because I leave my heart behind at home where it is racing up and down the stairs, playing tirelessly with the toys, uttering words I cannot make any sense of and keeping the happiness quotient at home at its peak! So only the mind comes to work, focuses on getting things done withtout wasting any time and wants to go back home to reunite with the heart.

The little one seems to be going through the motions too and she expresses it quite explicitly in her own sweet way. Her eyes lit up when she sees me in the evening and she wakes up with a big wide smile when she sees me next to her in the morning. The cuddling and the clinging has increased exponentially (for both of us) and she likes to hold my hand and walk around although she can walk on her own just to make sure that I am in her vicinity 🙂

Her ‘Amma amma ammmmmmmma amma’ chant has increased and she comes to me, holds my hair and pulls my face close to hers and expresses her love! It is the cutest thing ever 🙂

My parents tell me that even while I am at work, she suddenly remembers me and starts her ‘amma amma ammmmma’ chant. She then asks my dad to take her to the garage, notices that the car is gone and says ‘Amma aago’
(accompanied by the hand motion). Or she consoles herself by saying Amma Pee! LOL

I guess it will take a while before both of us get used to the new routine.

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