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Happy 1st Birthday!

My Sweetest baby Ria,

Happy FIRST birthday to you!
It only feels like yesterday that your dad and I held you in our arms for the first time.
A memory still so distinct, beautiful and fresh in our minds
You are our strength, our pride, our love, our life
You are our wish that came true..
Wish you the world of happiness and best of health all your life my darling!

Happy birthday to V and I to have reached the big one as parents. It is easily the year we have learnt the most. Not from work, not from books, not a formal education, not from role models. We have learnt life’s most essential lessons from our little one.

It is incredible how time flies with a baby at home! I cant believe the little one is already an year old. I still remember anxious friends and relatives call up to find out if I was in labor around this time, last year and I would grin and respond with a Nope, am still huge and the little one is happily kicking. Sure it was chilly in Austin and we had received unexpected snow, so guess the little one decided to remain inside me – warm and cozy.

Then came along the perfect moment, when our perfect little angel was warm and cozy in my arms. Everyone had warned me that the mother might not like the looks of the chipmunk she just gave birth to. But I was one of those who thought my daughter looked her prettiest self even in the ultrasound scans! I still remember how super scared I was to hold her, to touch her, to change her, to feed her. I was scared that me touching her would make her uncomfortable. Only to realize later that the little one seeked comfort with my touch, my voice, my breaths, my heartbeat. It was incredible how well she would let out a little sigh and sleep cozy in my arms. I would put her on my lap and sit for hours, just looking at her. Just admiring her. Oh those magical moments!

It is nothing short of a miracle to watch my completely dependent, innocent little newborn to grow into a hyperactive, curious little toddler, who can tire 4 adults each day. Her naps during the day are the only times we get to do the chores and get ready for the next sprint to run behind her! In the past 1 year, I have had no time for friends and relatives and I still feel like I fall short of time to get enough of my little munchkin.

This has been the shortest year so far with the largest collection of photos and videos in a year. And easily the best years of my life.

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