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An afternoon well spent

My sweet little one is catching on a cold. It is the second one in the past one month. So all she wants to do is snuggle up and sleep on me. As bad as I feel for her, I quietly enjoyed the smell of her fresh baby skin, the sweat in her hair, the rhythm of her tiny breaths, those tiny arms and legs wrapped around me.. ah bliss! I just sat there for hours.

The chores could wait, the work can wait. For those few hours I just enjoyed snuggling up with my little one and just be present in the moment.

When Jinku was born, she seemed so fragile. So tiny that I was scared to even touch her, for I didnt want to cause her any discomfort. I couldnt wait for her to grow up fast to play with her. And everyone around me warned me to enjoy the moment as kids grow up faster than we want them to. That they are this tiny and this cuddly only for a very short duration.

I can so relate to that now. Sure I have a lot of younger cousins and I have seen them grow from infants to babies to toddlers to teenagers. But it looked like a natural progression. Never for once I felt that they were growing too fast. I guess you experience how fast paced life with babies are, only when YOU become a parent.

As I sat quietly and held her in my arms, I couldnt help but retrospect on how quickly we are growing with each other. It has been undoubtedly the best time of my life and she has taught me the most wonderful lesson of life – to live in the present.


Here are a few snippets on how she surprises us –

– Just last evening, she was playing by herself while V and I were talking and cooking in the kitchen. Somewhere in our conversation we used the phrase “going out” and Jinku started to wave her hand as she continued to play! She is so alive and involved in everything around her at all times. She is just soaking it all in.

– I want Jinku to experience all kinds of music. So I play Carnatic music for her every morning and sing to her whenever I can as we play. There was this time when a classic from M S Subbalakshmi was playing in the background and one of the repetitive phrase in the song was “wah wah wah”. Jinku just paused and repeated “bah bah bah” with her hand in the air as if she is praising! My jaw dropped.. She recognizes the word “wah” from her dad who points his hand towards my art work at home and praises it. But I was so surprized to see her put one and one together and pickup on a phrase that she is familiar with!

It is almost as if, she has been watching, observing, listening, and storing everything in her head and when the timing is right, she decides to exhibit a new secret talent! The change has been really overwhelming.

I just realized that I could go on endlessly about her communications skills but I am going to dedicate another post for just that.

I hope she continues to be alive in the moment all her life.


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