MJ is 9 Months New

Here are some snippets from the past 1 month:

MJ is a cruiser! Both Land and Air.. and let me explain what I mean. She crawls all around the house and is my constant shadow/companion throughout the day. She gets on to her all force but when it is time to move forward, she drags her body forward.. she is still trying to figure her way out with the classic crawl position. Given the carpeted floor, I was told that it is difficult on babies to move as conveniently as on hard wood or mosaic but she moves in a jiffy! Infact, she can even crawl faster than me. Especially when there is an object she is aiming to reach to. That explains the land cruiser. What about the air? She has no idea that she could fall off from a couch or a cot. If she sees something on a nearby table, she just crawls towards it.. and when she reaches the end of the cot, V supports her tummy while she still crawls in air to reach that book on the table! It is a hilarious sight 😀

MJ’s bath time is pure bliss! V and I look forward to giving her a bath everyday. She finds such a joy to play in water and with her tub friends. The best part about her bath for me is the time when she bats her eyes in anticipation of water. It is adorable!

The activities I dread the most with MJ are her solid feed times! It is totally crazy. I lie her flat on my lap and feed her and the first few spoons of solid gets gulped in like a breeze. The trouble starts only after.. I keep a bunch of her toys, my mobile, a tablet to distract her but nothing seems to work. She keeps pushing the spoon away and keeps staring into my eyes to read my expressions! So I need to be extra nice and coax her to eat just one more spoon of whatever..

We decided to get her a booster chair so that we can make eating fun for her. We also started giving her finger foods.. and it works. It is interesting to see her investigate every grain of rice that goes into her mouth where half of it gets spat out later.The whole mess needs a deep cleaning, including MJ after she is done with the experiment.

Her bedtime has regularized quite a bit. We have a nice bedtime routine for her and she likes to follow it when she is sleepy and protests going to bed when the routine starts and she is still in a party mood. Its funny how she has learnt to cling on to me while sleeping these days, probably to ensure I dont leave after she is asleep. She even holds on to my t-shirt in a tight fist and sleeps like that for hours!

I love her company throughout the day. We play, and make crafts together (while MJ is busy chewing on all my craft items), play peek a boo, crawl and catch each other, play “destruction”, and just cuddle with each other. It is pure bliss! I have no track of time these days and it is these times with her that makes even my zombie times so worth it.

V is bursting with pride that MJ uttered appa before amma! Well, it was more of appapapapa and amamamama.. not that she refers the phrase to her dad or me. But isnt it funny how we jump at relating baby babbles to conscious words??!




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