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6 Months New!

It is impossible to believe that my little one is already 6 months new! Yes Newness.. Everyday is a new day with new little tricks, new acrobats, new sounds, new displays of the rapid development, new tantrums, you name it. 6 months ago, I wished there was a handbook for babies and now I can read her like a book! I know her every move, her every look, her every cry (yes the fake ones too 😉 and her every likes and dislikes.

She beams with happiness! Not does she keep the happiness quotient of everyone around her at home high, she also influences passers by on the street 😀 Seriously, no kidding. Every time we take her out, people listen to her laughs and giggles and stop by to take a peep look at her and she steals their heart by even talking to them in her own sweet language.

She ADORES her dad! Sure, I am there entertaining her, comforting her, attending to her needs all day long. But boy oh boy.. when she sees her dad, she goes NUTS! (and so does her dad) Her eyes light up, the giggles are nonstop, there is an endless toothless smile on her face, and she is an uncontrollable bouncing baby.

Only Mommy! Yes she has her only mommy phases throughout the day too. Even if I get busy with all the chores, I need to follow the pick, cuddle, play routine every few minutes before I can put her back on the mat to let her continue to play. Makes mommyhood feel even more so special, and I absolutely love it 🙂 She starts whimpering as soon as she sees me and as soon as I pick her up, there is this special big wide smile reserved only for me which makes my day, everyday.

Chinnu, We love you beyond quantify putta. You are growing up so fast!

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