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Its a Girl !!!!!!!

Our bundle of joy came into our arms on Jan 27th, making the day the most important day of V’s and my life so far.

The birth of our little girl has been the single most gratifying experience of my life until now. Although I have known my little one for a good 9 months,  the kicks and the somersaults I have felt inside me, it was fascinating to put a face to the little person I have known and carried within me. The feeling is just beyond what I can express in words. To put it straight, the birth of our daughter has reinforced my purpose in life.

Labor was completely different from what I had anticipated it to be. Makes me fair to say that after an arduous struggle, I was satiated to see our baby healthy and kicking and safe in our arms at the end of it. Although the labor was not all flowery, the sound of her first cry was magical. It all seemed worth it. After she came to the world, V left my side for the first time in hours to take a sneak peek of our daughter. Just as she was cleaned and wrapped, V placed her on me while she was still crying uncontrollably and I talked to her. As soon as she heard my voice, she stopped crying the very instant and started looking into my eyes, and seemed like she was comforted by listening to me. She recognized me!! THAT, was THE moment for me. Now there was no stop plug to the tears that were already rolling down my cheeks. It reinforced the emotional attachment towards her and then along with tens of thousands of thoughts in my head, the emotions started flowing. “Oh my god, she is mine!” “Oh my god, she is perfect!” “Oh my god, the responsibility of this tiny human being is ours!”

V and I feel truly blessed and just cant seem to get enough of her.

I now have a new topic to write about, and I am going to refer to my baby as “Jinku” on the blog.


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