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The Drama of Thanksgiving Shopping

It was my 2nd thanksgiving in the US and was the first time to have taken part in the thanksgiving doorbusters drama. And needless to say, the first time experiences stay with you forever.

I was super thrilled to be able to witness the whole mad doorbusters rush that I had heard stories about from friends and relatives in the US. Whether I was able to shop anything or not, I was determined to be a part of the gig. And V was a sweetheart in helping me have a good, safe experience.

Doorbusters at Kohl's
Doorbusters at Kohl’s

V has gone through the whole thanksgiving mayhem earlier, so he was a great mentor and helped me shortlist shops and guide me through the whole exhausting yet exciting experience. The preparation started about a week before the actual thanksgiving sale started, when websites put up their upcoming thanksgiving deals. It was a strenuous exercise of going through each of your favorite shop’s website, checking out if there is anything you “need” and making a note of the doorbuster timings.

Ofcourse you cannot be in 2 places at once, so then came the art of prioritization. We had to zero in on when to visit which store and spread the visits across Thursday evening and Friday morning as most stores had doorbuster deals starting from Thursday evening. Feels like a project plan already? Well, that’s not it..

We definitely did not want to wait for hours in a line before the doors open, so we strategized to reach each store about 10 – 15 mins before the store opened. So when we got to the respective stores, there were already people waiting in lines for easily a couple of hours. I could guess from their pale faces, standing in the cold (almost 0 degrees) for so long. So once we got into the stores, we had to split up to find exactly the “stuff” we want and quickly get into the checkout line which was easily comparable to the lines in Thirupathi. There were times when we would just get into the store and V would immediately get into the checkout line while I did all the shopping.

Yeah yeah, I know its crazy. But I definitely did want to experience it 🙂 And I got my kicks out of just being there, doing that. We also figured that the thrill and the enthusiasm lasts only for around 24 hours. From Friday afternoon on wards, when the fizz of shopping and the door buster deals had worn out, shopping started to feel a herculean task. Suddenly we found ourselves drained and not enjoying the process of shopping anymore, although the deals were still pretty decent. So we just decided to drop it all and called it the end of Thanksgiving Bonanza.

All in all, I had a ball of a time this Thanksgiving! My takeaway from the whole event is to drop the shopping hat and just focus on doing something else when you find yourself not enjoying shopping anymore because it leaves behind a trail of bad feeling and the more you shop, the more you get sucked into this feeling. A bad feeling to have either missed a great deal, or to have not been able to visit another favorite shop at the right time, or when you hear stories about how someone was benefited from a deal that you were not aware of.

I guess its just the part and parcel of the Thanksgiving game 🙂

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