Swimming at Deep Eddy

How could we stay in Austin for so long and not venture into swimming especially during the sunny summer months! And so we discovered this beautiful man-made swimming pool called Deep Eddy right next to downtown.

What makes deep eddy special is that the pool is fed with clear, cold water from the Colorado river. It is non chlorinated and feels absolutely refreshing to swim in the natural, yet safe environment. There is a continuous inlet and outlets of water and hence acts as filtration. Each lane is 30 meter long with varying depths.

The pool in itself looks like a huge tank that stores water in cemented walls, so it brings out the natural color of the water as against the regular blue that reflect off the tiles in other swimming pools. There are also a lot of trees surrounding the pool and hence attracts many colorful birds.

Deep Eddy Lap PoolDeep Eddy Recreational pool

My favorite time to visit the pool is just as the sun begins to go down. The water is at just the right temperature to give you a light chill as you enter the pool and the sun is not too harsh so as to give you a bad tan.  The non chlorinated water also feels great on the skin. I particularly enjoy my backstroke, watching the birds fly over me, a brilliant sunset on the horizon and get motivated from some serious swimmers in the surrounding lanes.

It takes me back in time where my highlight of the day used to be an hour of me-time at the swimming pool near home in Bangalore and all the chit-chats with the girls!

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