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Hola Mexico!

We were 30,000 ft above land and I woke up when the pilot announced that we were starting to descend to Monterrey.

V had looked up the place on google and had told me that it is a very pretty place. So I was excited to see the nature around. It was surrounded by mountain ranges and there were a lot of harvested fields on the outskirts of Monterrey. It resembled rural India in
many ways. I could see cows and sheep grazing in the grasslands, unplanned twisted curvy roads drew the borders around cluster of houses and I could also see some tall buildings that edged one of the mountains and it was easy to differentiate between the well-to-do
areas and the not-so-well-to-do areas as the plane touched the ground.

The airport was a tiny one with hardly any crowd. As I lugged my bags out of the airport, I felt completely out of place. I have been warned a lot about the place being unsafe, especially for solo travelers.

I was standing outside the airport contemplating taking an airport taxi versus a regular taxi from the nearby stand. Luckily, there was a local lady waiting next to me who was on the same flight and she spoke some English. On checking with her, she suggested me to take
the airport taxi as it was safe and warned me against going anywhere all by myself in the cab! That was a sugar coating to an already freaked out self 🙂

So I took the airport taxi and handed out the address of the hotel to the driver. We drove away and I was engrossed in observing the buildings and the driving style of Mexicans. I spotted a lot of US brands – Sears, Starbucks, Ibis, Marriott. As I was looking around, realization dawned on me that we had been driving for over 20 minutes and there was no sign of a signal or the speed of the vehicle reducing! I recalled the movie ‘Taken’ and got frightened even more. But I kept a straight face just so that I dont show him my anxiety and pulled out my cell phone from my bag. I made a fake call and kept talking to myself for some time and mentioned the name of the airport taxi company somewhere in between just so that the driver knows that people know my whereabouts and are tracking me 😀

After a restless 1 hour, I finally reached the hotel, which was right next to a mountain. I asked for a mountain facing room and was just so relieved to settle in 🙂

Welcome to Monterrey! Stay tuned for more stories.

For now,
Adios Amigos!

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