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Desh to Videsh

My journey from Bangalore to Texas was remarkable in more ways than one this time. Although I sat on an excruciatingly painful long flight next to an irritating old lady who occupied half of my already tiny economy seat, the journey still didn’t seem too long as my mind was racing through all the wonderful thoughts of what would happen in the course of next 24 hours. I was reuniting with my husband after months of long distance, I was excited to see our first nest we have started to build together, our first car, our first time living abroad.. Yes, My whole new chapter of firsts has just begun and it feels like being just married all over again! 🙂

The anticipation to meet my love at the airport .. ah! priceless.

I flew a new airline carrier for the first time which also took a new route. This time I was flying over the desserts of the middle east into the Scandinavians and over the massive icy Greenland and Iceland. I am normally a sound sleeper even on aircrafts, but this time I kept waking up time and again to make sure I havent missed getting the sneak peek into Greenland and Iceland. As I finished lunch, there it was.. I began to see massive islands of ice surrounded by blue Atlantic and massive mountains at the horizon. Contrary to their names, Greenland is all white and covered by snow while part of Iceland that we flew over is green! Wonder why people got mixed up with the names 😀

It was a mesmerizing sight! It reminded me of our flight to Leh on our honeymoon with the mighty Himalayan ranges beneath us. Now that we are north enough, I wonder if one can see the northern lights from up in the air during the nights. I can only imagine it to be a truly spectacular sight and an exhilarating experience to see the streaks of the northern lights painted on a dark star lit sky!

Here are pictures of the different landscapes from the journey during the day.

2013_04_14_Journey from India to USA


  • Daddy & Mummy

    Dear Roopa, great description of your journey,i am spellbound. I wish you write a book on your journeys and experiences. You have great talent putting your thoughts and feelings. Wow` you are special.

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