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Ah! March is here..

There are so many things I love about March and what tops the list is the start of spring! It is a pretty sight to watch the¬†landscape choke with flowers at their colourful best, the greens of all shades burst forth on bare trees, and ofcourse the water in the swimming pool is not too cold anymore ūüôā

As I was driving through stifling traffic today, I had enough time to take my eyes off the road and that is when I was drawn to a lane of¬†Jacarandas.¬†¬†They look like hazy purple smoke when seen from afar and¬†they make the best flower carpets! Ah, the joy of little things.. As I sat there staring at these lovely mauve flowers on tall trees, both my mind and the traffic had cleared up to a smooth drive back home with a big smile on my face. Funny how we miss out on rejoicing life when we are stuck in a ‘rat-race’.

Now that spring is here, I couldnt miss the opportunity of that glorious feeling of just being in water, could I. After a long winter break, I resumed swimming this March and it is great to meet old friends once again. Felt like all of us are marching our way back to the pool after a long hibernation!

The one hour of ‘Me’ time in the pool feels magical – I love doing a backstroke while watching the sun go down, the birds flying back to their homes, the brilliant colors that encompass the steel blue sky and the rise of the milky white moon. At this moment, I can quiet all the voices around me and in my head and just enjoy the moment!


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