My First Thanksgiving in America

We celebrated as the Americans do.. well, almost. But for the turkey or the turducken that is popular in southern US, we had an authentic American style thanksgiving.

A&A plan for the big thanksgiving dinner well in advance, so for me, the whole experience of checking out different types of pies, dessert and gourmet at a well decorated local supermarket was a whole lot of fun! The hard part was holding myself from attacking the stacked up delicious food in the fridge 😉

On the day of the Thanksgiving, the sky was clear, the sun’s rays were warm upon our backs and so we decided to make the best use of it. After a 4 hour hike at a nearby nature park to build up an appetite for the glorious dinner,  the 4 chefs set to work on the sumptuous thanksgiving dinner. And Voila!! here’s the piece of art! Bon apetite and happy thanksgiving everyone 🙂



  • V

    Yum Yum Yum…. I’m hungry again!!! Pecan pie… Brussels sprouts, Lasagna, pumpkin pasta… yum yum… I’m going for lunch and its still morning! 😀

  • roopa

    heh.. some wise person has said it right. The doorway to a man’s heart is through his stomach 😛 😀 And glad to have realized it soon 😉

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