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Drip Irrigation

Alright, this is by far the most gratifying weekend project V and I have done. If you have a garden and are looking at quitting the laborious job of watering the plants day in and day out and are looking at socially responsible ways of conserving water, drip irrigation is something you can consider to do as a fun project over a quiet weekend.

We have a sizable garden with over a 120 pots and hence our first task was to line them up size wise so that it is easy to run the pipe through them. Second was to find an outlet to purchase the accessories required for drip irrigation. My uncle who is fantastic at landscaping, briefed us about the drip irrigation products required.

V and I put our heads together on how to arrange the pots and have the pipes run through them. This gave us an idea of the length of the pipe and the accessories required.

Here are the accessories we used –

A 1/2″ pipe of the desired length,

Drippers – 8 litre, 4 litre or 2 litre ones based on your need

T-junctions – for bifurcating the water flow

Stopper – to stop the flow of water at the end of the pipeline

A dual tap – so that you can use manual pipe + dripline

To get started, attach the 6″ pipe to the tap. Run the pipe through all the pots in a sequence and above each pot, puncture the pipe with a nail and fit the dripper downwards. Here is how we did it..

I am in ecstasy as I hold a novel in my hand and sit in our garden on a reclining chair. As I look around, I reflect on the pains we took to discover the gardening store in the clumsiest of streets in Bangalore, all the laborious work we put in; but it is a feat and a fun home project that can be done together!


  • Sachin Kapase

    Superb, Like the idea. We did the same thing in my native. Nice to see this blog. Everyone should do something like this it saves lots of water and ultimately you will contribute to nature.

  • roopa

    Sachin, thanks for visiting. Nice to know that you have done this back in your native. Yes, it is a fantastic way to conserve water, although the water we waste at home/ rained water is redirected to a well we have at home.

  • radhu

    Good job. Can you please let us know where can we get the material for drip irrigation in Bangalore… I am yet to get a confirmation for my subscription. Thanks

  • roopa

    Thanks a lot for visiting the site Radhu 🙂 .. we bought the drip irrigation accessories opposite to SP road, a place called Megha Agro. They have everything you need for drip irrigation. Here is their address and phone number: 107/4, Shahzad Building, 4th Cross, N R Road, Near-Kannada Bhavan, Kalasipalyam.

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