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Don’t let the waste go waste

We have a lovely terrace garden and my mother in law is the person behind the meticulous work of maintaining it. We have over a 100 plants and it is lovely to watch colorful flowers bloom and say hello in their own way, to watch brilliant colored butterflies having their feast and also birds chirping to rhythmic tunes in the garden at unexpected hours.

Typically any household generates about 70% of wet waste that can be smartly utilized as compost for plants. Earlier we would just pour the wet waste directly into the pots, but this attracts a lot of rodents in the garden. V recently discovered a solution to this problem – he came across a kitchen composter that is hassle-free and is also a clean way of making manure.

The composter is called a Khamba, and there are 2 tier, 3 tier or 4 tier khambas that are readily available.

Depending on the size of your family you can opt for the khamba that best suits you. For a 4 member household, a 3 tier khamba suffices.


Steps involved in making compost using a 3 tier khamba:

  1. Dump organic waste into the top unit. Then cover with equal quantity of dried leaves / shredded paper.
  2. Once the top unit is full, interchange with empty middle unit and continue.
  3. Stir once in three days. The pile should not be too dry or too wet.
  4. The bottom most unit which will eventually contain the oldest waste will be converted to manure.

Some lessons we have learnt is to keep the Khamba in a well ventilated place so as avoid fruit flies, insects and maggots. The sunlight also helps speed up the decomposition process. It takes about 3 months on an average to get 1 pot of manure without having to waste any wet waste and by staying away from rodents in the garden!

The composter is convinient to maintain in both flats and independent houses.


You can order your composter at DailyDump.

Our next weekend project is drip irrigation, stay tuned to know how to do it yourself!

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