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Cycling in My Town

Some of the high points of my hitherto life remains the trips to Mysore. Ever since we moved to Bangalore, the thought of a trip to Mysore by far means holidays, meeting grandparents, cousins and relatives, eating amazing food, and having fun. A trip to Mysore has never been a planned one. If I want a change from routine, I just throw in the essentials and travel to Mysore!

But this time around, there was an agenda. I wanted to show off my town to V, and there couldnt be a better way to travel in Mysore than on our cycles. So we packed the cycles neat on our car rack and headed to Mysore. As we pass the Kaveri and with the first glimpses of the Chamundi hills, I still grow dizzy with excitement and impatience, because it means that Mysore is just a stone’s throw away.

The following morning felt perfectly tailored for us to explore the city – It was cloudy, a little breezy and just right for an early morning ride. We decided to head to Chamundi hills and explored a back entrance that was free of traffic. Here are the pictures from our ride..

As we sat on the parapet wall gazing at the city’s landscape and the landmarks I am familiar with, I was drawn to recall my childhood in Mysore. I filled V with tales about my dear friends at school and college, my home, my school, the hangouts, the pranks.. the list never seemed to end and I was surprised with how much of those little incidents I still remember. So we decided to visit all these places that meant so much to me..

The thought of Mysore for me, will always be sweet and it always reminds me of this song 😉



  • V

    Mysore is an awesome place to cycle. The ride up to Chanmudi and cycling around the city were my highlights 🙂 And of course to see Roopa hyper about “her town”. 😉

  • Shyama

    Good one …..n the cycling does contribute to our mother nature :)……I loved the pic of urs right in front of our school…well I got nostalgic too :))……I miss Mysore all the time but one hop jump n skip and I am there every other week!….

  • roopa

    Hey Shyama, thanks for visiting! Yes, Mysore will always remain that special place that we look forward to go isnt it? It was funny.. we went to our school and there were a bunch of kids playing in the grounds. I told them that I studied here and the look on their face was priceless 😀

  • Shyama

    Ah I can imagine 🙂 …..Mysore hasnt lost its charm n its a pleasure to be there and painful to get back to Blore 😀

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