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Cross Country Cycling on Independence Day

Olympics 2012 just got over and it was a day off for Independence day in India. While little school children were busy getting ready for the flag hoist early in the morning, we decided to celebrate our independence by doing a long distance cross country cycling. Moreover, I guess V and I were pumped up by the Olympic cycling events we watched in awe and wanted to do something new this time.

We chalked a route to Manchanabele reservoir on Garmin, and this time we decided to drive past Mysore road highway and cycle the more scenic route.

The entire route was a 2 lane spotless curvy road, with nurseries and farms on either side. We passed by small villages and saw little kids excited to see us on cycles!

We went past dodda alada mara (big banyan tree), spent some time at the fresh water lake and rode all along the lake into a total thorny trekking trail (where I mostly pushed my bike up) and were content to get back to civilization!

Here are some statistics and pictures from the ridenic (ride + picnic)

Distance: 38.57 Km
Elevation Gain: 1,197 ft
Calories burnt: 1296 (this is the part I always look forward to :D)

The group (L-R): Vikram, me, Scott, Vibhakar and Prashant


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