It is Swim Time!

Summers have mostly been about swimming right from my childhood. I learnt swimming during one of the summer vacations and I loved it so much that it became tradition every subsequent summer until I got to college.

When V and I discovered recently that there is a pool opened for public just a stone throw away from home, we were overjoyed. It has been close to a month since we started swimming and each evening we have been like 2 little kids high on sugar ready to jump into the pool.

Takes me back to the days when I was training – the strenuous laps, the somersaults in water, the dives from the 16 feet deep end of the pool – just makes me feel alive 🙂
Swimming always wraps me up in this delicious, pleasant, languorous feeling, and I can never have enough of this sport. On hindsight it is true of every sport I have tried so far 😉

It is a lovely glorious feeling of just being in water! I hope I get better at the strokes along with having fun in the pool.

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