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Ruckus teaches a lesson

Today has been one of those days when anger took over the best of me no matter how hard I tried to suppress it and it worked out just well at the end.

So the story was I had to get my Dubai visa extended for a month and I had to visit the visa processing agency. I had already made a visit late last week and they bluntly handed over a checklist to me and asked me to get all the missing documents even before checking through the list of documents I currently had despite of me asking them multiple times. So there was this 1 additional document I noticed was missing and today I visited them again hoping it wont take too long. Now they came back asking for an insurance coverage for the extra period although I already have an open valid insurance until I reach India. None of it made sense to them so I grit my teeth and went to the govt office to get additional insurance.

I was awestruck to say the least! First of all, there was a ladies only queue to take a token which was hardly anything compared to the men’s queue. Although I didnt want a special treatment, I was informed that women could not be a part of the general queue!! So I decided to use the privilege and get work done..

Once the token was given, they lead me to a room that read – Women’s Office. As I entered, it was nothing short of a 5 star hotel room with massive chandeliers that lit the high roofed room, hookahs at every corner, artistic arab jugs with flavored water and warm, soft leather couches with pretty colorful cushions on them 🙂 For a second I thought I was in the wrong room..

After enjoying a hot cup of tea, I got done with the job pretty soon although I would have loved to get a royal treatment and spend the rest of the day there 😉

Once I was back in the visa office, which is by the way in the departure terminal of the airpot, [talk about being so close to getting on the plane back home :(] I submitted all the documents they had requested and the lady in charge started to speak as if she was doing me a favor by granting me an extension! Well, I wouldnt blame her entirely because since morning I had been seeing a lot of Indians who looked extremely desperate to get a visa. But to me, this moment.. this very moment was when I lost it. I asked her to call her manager and gave her a piece of my mind saying I would be more than happy to go back home to my loved ones and reminded her that she was not doing me a favor – it was her job.

There were people peeping out of the cabins to take a look at what was happening while my job got done under an hour and not a word more from them!

Just proved that the more desperate you get, the more advantage people take of you.


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