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Happy Independence Day

Just as Anna Hazare is the star on all new channels, he is also setting in a new mood of anti corruption for the Indian Independence Day. While this is the time of the year when people get extremely patriotic as songs from Upkar till Swades fill the air, a dear friend of mine and I decided to do something special on the eve of the Independence Day 🙂

We made candles!! 😀

S has been very enthusiastic about candle making and has all the necessary tools. The most exciting thing about candle making is you get to experiment a lot with different colors, engineering techniques and art 🙂 And to add to it, V loves experimentation.. be it his entrepreneurial journey, cooking or music! So he was as excited and all 3 of us got our creative minds at work..

I will write about the candle making techniques that S taught me in my upcoming posts, but here is a glimpse of the art work today!

This one is the highlight of the project..

Tricolor Gel Candle
Tricolor Gel Candle


Thank you for teaching me S, hope we get to do many more of these!


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