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The Power of Appreciation

Time and again I am reminded of how appreciation and giving credit to little things any person does can build to become an ocean of motivation and self-confidence in him/her. Not only does the person become proactive and enthusiastic to do things better, he/she also sets higher targets for themselves and surprise you.

I think it comes from the basic instinct of any human being to be felt important. Appreciation can be a subtle act of telling “I recognize what you did, I like it and I care”. It can do wonders in building the relationship between any two people. Be it a husband and wife, friends, a parent and child, colleagues or even the maid who helps you day in and day out (whom we more often than not, take for granted).
On the other hand, pointing fingers, yelling, or punishing a person (unless until absolutely essential) can do no good in getting things done. It not only sets in an unpleasant atmosphere but will also demotivate the person in many ways. Its crucial to get to the roots of the problem, not the person.
Food for thought!

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