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Run Forest Run!

Well, I am no Forest Gump, but I have been on a Running spree lately. I have been inspired bigtime by NKRunnergirl and her blog posts. V helped me get started with running almost 2 years ago but we have digressed from running and have gotten more into cycling for quite a while now.

Although I have been running for a while, I have not been able to cross my 8 mile threshold. Although my mind wants to do more, my body starts to give up and my thighs start to feel like big logs of wood. Learnt recently that setting a target is very helpful in pushing the body to run more, so I have set a moderate target of 30 miles for the month of June to get started with. Hopefully I achieve it and set bigger targets. More on how that went in the upcoming posts.

Ofcourse needless to say since V has run quite a few marathons till date, his stamina is so good that I can just shake him up from his sleep and ask him to do a half marathon 😉 … quite literally! I hope to get to his level someday.

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