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Pushing the limits

Today was a test of endurance. Ever since V did his spectacular cross country touring in Coorg and filled me in with umpteen stories about his experiences from the trip, I have been engulfed to get into long distance cycling. Not only is it an amazing getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, the experience of camping in the middle of nowhere and the sense of accomplishment after having covered a long distance on the cycle is out of the world.

And so today was my first training for long distance cycling. On an average, 60 – 80 kms or more is covered each day and I have always questioned if I have it in me to achieve the target.

It was a gorgeous morning and V, C (V’s enthusiastic cousin) and I headed out at 7 AM. The loop that we set out to complete is Bangalore –> Harohalli (on Kanakapura road) –> Bidadi and back. I have been on an absolute high after I saw our route on the map 🙂

Here are the stats from today’s cycling

Total distance covered: 68.7 kms
Total time taken: 04 hours 06 minutes 03 seconds
Calories burnt: 2344 (my fav part 😉
Elevation chart:

Yep, since Bangalore is at a higher altitude, unfortunately the journey on the return was completely up slopes.

A little beyond Harohalli, we had our nice little picnic next to a farm.


The road connecting Harohalli and Bidadi is spectacular and very unique to India. The lush green farms on either sides of the road, the hay laid on the middle of the road for drying, the bullock carts making their way through, the look on the little village children when they see us riding a cycle – priceless!

As we bid good bye to summer, I hope we do more such long distance cycle touring.

Click here to view more pics from the trip 🙂


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