Relaxed Cycling

One of the most efficient ways to relax my mind is to set off on a cycling ride with Vikram to an unknown destination. Today was one of those days ….

We just head out of home and decided to take off on our respective bikes for a while. The best I enjoy is biking through the country side, along the endless narrow roads, looking at the houses around and greeting the villagers and little children as we pass by them. After a long day, hearing to the birds chirp, viewing the sunset by a hill or watching a goat crank its neck to eat a tiny little leaf is just too soothing.

And whats best? These little pieces of heaven is so close to home! All it takes is a few miles of tolerating roaring traffic and the noise around.

It is also reassuring that you donot have to remember the route back home as it is almost impossible to get lost with the GPS around your wrist. The Garmin forerunner 205 is not only a life saver, it also gives you fancy statistics about the distance, time, speed and calories burnt! Voila!! Throw the gym membership away and invest in a Garmin today! 😀 Sounds like a nice tagline for publicizing Garmin, doest it? But its totally worth it …

Below are the statistics from today’s eventful cycling ride :



  • roopa

    @Sandeep! Good to hear from you 🙂 … Garmin is a GPS device that syncs with the satellite to take the coordinates of your position. So the readings are exact 🙂 … Its pretty cool.

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